Passage door handle

author: hyh

Passage door handle

A passage door knob or lever is a handle set without an internal locking mechanism. The knobs or levers freely operate the latch so the handle set will open and close by simply turning the knob or lever.  Pretty much, they can be used on any interior door in your home where it isn't necessary that the door lock, for example, between a living room and a kitchen or closet. Passage lock set can sometimes use on an exterior door in conjunction with a separate deadbolt.

Passage door locks always have an active latch with no locking mechanism, which means the knob is always unlocked.

Common types of passage door knobs include:

  • Door Levers: An alternative to traditional door knobs, door levels have long horizontal handles. They’re more commonly seen in offices and businesses, but some homes have them installed too.
  • Dummy Knobs: These simplified knobs look like regular passage door knobs, but they don’t turn. To open the door, grip the knob and pull or push. Dummy knobs are usually found on doors leading to home offices or dens.
A passage knob set has 2 knobs connected by a metal shaft or spindle that passes through the door and through the latch mechanism inside the door. The spindle is attached to each knob with a small set screw that is screwed into the side of the knob collar. We use an Allen style setscrew which is slightly recessed but effectively flush with the collar and unobtrusive.