Narrow Stile Smart Door Locks

author: hyh

Narrow Stile Smart Door Locks
Aluminum storefront doors come in narrow, medium, and wide stile configurations. The stile refers to the vertical pieces of extruded aluminum into which the lock and some of the hinge mechanisms are installed. 
Do you want a smart door lock for your narrow stile door? Narrow stile smart lock is made for you. The slim shape of narrow deadbolt can fix to the narrow stile door, normally garden doors, patio doors and sliding doors. 
Our narrow stile smart locks are made of aluminum alloy, the aluminum structure has high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation, and is strong and durable. And it is not easy to be attacked by acid and alkali, it is not easy to turn yellow and fade, and it is almost unnecessary to maintain.
Although these slim digital door locks look small, they do have as many intelligent functions as wider ones have due to great design.
Users can unlock these narrow stile locks by passcode, fingerprint, card, app and key, which include almost every unlock ways you can find on a smart deadbolt.