How to use fingerprint smart lock properly in winter-Part 1

author: hyh
In cold and freezing winter, smart door lock becomes insensitive when temperature gets lower. The smart door lock is an electronic security product at the entrance. Will it affect by the temperature or the quality of sensor on smart lock is not good? Let's see detailed information below.

Temperature makes battery capacity lower

No matter it is a dry battery or a lithium battery, the battery capacity would be reduced due to the low-temperature environment. Moreover, the chemical reaction speed of the battery would also slow, resulting in a decrease in the battery discharge capacity. If it can not reach the normal range, it will lead to battery short using lifespan and faster power consumption.

Compared with ordinary dry batteries, alkaline dry batteries have a higher capacity. Its chemical substances in the batteries are fixed, and less affected by low temperature. Therefore, for ordinary smart door locks, we'd better choose AA alkaline dry batteries.

However, if it is a video smart door lock with a camera, electronic doorbell, or video functions, it is usually equipped with a higher capacity density and rechargeable lithium battery. Because it has higher requirements on battery capacity and its service time. It happens same for hyh smart locks.

In addition to choosing the appropriate battery for the smart door lock, if some smart locks we sold are not including batteries, then please kindly follow the above knowledge to choose the right one.