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Wood Door Lock
Aug 25, 2018

Wood Door Lock

The development of China's lock industry is irresistible

    According to the statistics of relevant departments, in 2018, the purchase consultation volume of 

domestic door and window hardware locks gradually increased, and it is expected to surpass 

foreign brands in the second half of the year. With the vigorous development of China's door and 

window hardware market, the lock market is also on the rise, the overall capacity of the lock 

market. It has reached 70 billion, and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are the main 

concentration areas for lock manufacturers. The lock market is gradually showing its features. As a 

professional door and window hardware brand in Guangdong, hyh will provide quality services to 

consumers with professional original design products and optimal price.

   At present, the annual sales volume of national locks can reach 2.2 billion. The annual demand 

for fingerprint locks in the commercial market can reach 5 million sets, for example, for corporate 

finance, military police stations, office life, etc. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market 

is also growing. Whether it is a traditional mechanical lock, or a modern electronic lock, or even the 

current access control locks in high-rise buildings, the Chinese lock industry as a whole is 

irresistibly developing.

   The improvement of the production and consumption of Chinese locks is a fact that is obvious to 

all. The annual sales of the domestic lock industry is as high as 40 billion yuan, the production 

capacity is over 2 billion sets, and the annual export volume exceeds 10 billion yuan. It is reported 

that in the future, China's lock market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% per year.

   With this strong continuation, the future of the lock market is unthinkable. The variety of locks 

and the richness of the market highlight the necessity of the development of the lock market. It is 

the only way for the future of China's lock industry to create a labor-intensive industry with high 

thresholds, high specialization and high-end locks.

   As long as the product quality standards are improved, market-oriented, product structure 

adjustment, innovation of science and technology, innovation of new materials and new processes, 

and establishment of a strong brand of locks with strong influence. The future market of door and 

window hardware locks still has a long-term development potential.

   In the past few years, it has benefited from the domestic and international economic situation 

and the rapid development of domestic real estate and other related industries, which has 

promoted the long-term development of China's locks. At present, the lock industry has formed a 

comprehensive industrial system covering mechanical, electronic and biotechnology, with 

thousands of colors and across multiple disciplines and industries. At present, the level of lock 

manufacturing technology and equipment in China has been greatly improved in recent years, and 

it has approached and reached the world advanced level, laying a foundation for the accelerated 

upgrading of China's lock industry and integration into international competition.

   The future competitive landscape will still be brand, quality and channel. In particular, the 

competition in the future market will no longer be the competition of domestic enterprises. 

Foreign lock giants have flocked to the Chinese market, and the actions of foreign companies to 

acquire Chinese enterprises are accelerating. As a door and window hardware brand, hyh will 

continue to strengthen our goal, do a good job of door lock hardware, let our products sell well in 

the world, let everyone know that Chinese manufacturing is also of good quality.

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    Address: No.1 Dongsan RD, Xinlian Industrial Area, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
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