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Storm Door Locks
Sep 30, 2018

             How to consider the lock before buying, how to choose when buying

I. Consumers should consider the following aspects before purchasing a lock.

1. The location used and its importance. That is, consider using it on a street front door, hall door, 

room, bathroom or passageway to select a product that suits the desired function.

2. The environment, conditions and requirements for use.

You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the environment, such as dry 

humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right door, inner door or outer door to prevent the wrong 


3. Consider coordination with the decorative environment.

According to your own preferences, the product should be considered for coordination and 

matching with its living room.

4. Consider the situation of family members to consider whether there are elderly people, 

children or people with disabilities in the family, and choose products that are convenient for him 

or her.

5. Considering the affordability of the economy and the economic situation of the family, the 

economy can afford to buy high-end products, and the economy is less than ideal, and the 

products with lower grades can be selected. However, regardless of whether high-end or low-end 

products are selected, it is necessary to consider whether the strength of the production 

enterprises is strong. Whether the quality is stable, it is recommended to choose products with 

quite well-known enterprises to avoid causing financial losses and unnecessary troubles and 

troubles for daily life.

6. Consider the reputation and service level of the dealer

Prevent some dealers from recommending some counterfeit and shoddy goods to consumers in 

their own interests.

II. When purchasing lock products, you should pay attention to the following

1. Products with high reputation, stable quality and good after-sales service should be selected.

2. First check whether the logo and logo of the purchased product are complete (including the 

product's implementation standards, grades, manufacturer's name, address, date of manufacture). 

The package is firm and the contents of the manual are consistent with the product. Beware of 

exaggeration and inconsistency with the facts.

3. Observe the appearance quality of the product, including whether the lock head, lock body, lock 

tongue, handle and cover plate parts and related parts are complete, whether the surface color of 

the plated parts and painted parts is bright and uniform, whether there is rust, signs of oxidation 

and damage .

4. Check whether the function of the product is reliable and flexible. Two or more products should 

be selected for comparison check. Especially when purchasing the two-way lock product, the inner 

and outer locks must be tested with all the keys. You should also check the insurance organization 

of the product. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times.

5. Then check the tooth condition of the key, such as five spoon teeth, each key should have not 

less than three different key teeth, while the first tooth and the fifth tooth should try not to choose 

the deepest key tooth, which is good for key insertion. Pulling is not easy to break.

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    Address: No.1 Dongsan RD, Xinlian Industrial Area, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
    Mob: +86-13826111091
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