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New Patent Mortise Magnetic Wooden Door Lock
Sep 08, 2018

Hardware door lock industry future development opportunities and 

elimination coexist

What makes hardware franchisees feel that China's hardware door lock industry is still in a period 

of good development, and has a broad prospect in the future. However, with the shock and 

reshuffle of the industry, some innovations are not strong. Small brands that do not have their own 

core technology and follow the trend will gradually be eliminated with the big stream. Therefore, 

joining the hardware in the future still has a good prospect, but in the choice Be cautious when 

branding. In general, China's hardware industry has shown the following development trends.

Hardware door lock market potential is still very good

With the gradual stabilization of the post-80s career, most of them already have their own homes 

and began to renovate. This is a very good market, but not every brand has a chance. This is mainly 

reflected in the strong brand awareness after the 80s. For the products to start to pay attention to 

personality and aesthetics, and also have higher requirements for quality, it is a very good 

opportunity for brand-name products like Yunhui Hardware.

Industry competition and cooperation coexist

In terms of competition, each brand actively launches new products, develops new synthetic 

materials, and gradually moves closer to high-tech, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the 

brand. At the same time, it has increased the positional battle of hardware joining, and all brands 

are expanding their image stores, and the competition is fierce.

In terms of cooperation, it mainly reflects the development of new products in the first-line brand 

group, and further enhances the influence of the hardware industry in the country in the future. All 

brands reach an agreement to share resources and capital cooperation, thereby enhancing 

competitiveness and making the entire hardware market. Gain a benign development and further 

standardize the entire market.

The trend of corporate polarization is more obvious

With the gradual end of the blowout of China's hardware products companies, some brands with 

strength and technology accumulation have developed rapidly, and gradually move toward high-

end, forming their own influence in the market. However, some small enterprises that used to 

imitate and follow the price war have no good technology. As people's tastes of life improve and 

pay attention to the brand, the days are getting worse every day and they are facing the danger of 

being eliminated. In the future hardware door lock market, a large number of small businesses will 

be ruthlessly eliminated.

The hardware door lock industry has a good prospect. Now the industry is in the process of 

integration. It is also the development opportunity of some brands. Only those companies with 

core technology and brand influence, plus they have not stopped moving forward, in the future 

market. In the middle, you can get off.

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    Address: No.1 Dongsan RD, Xinlian Industrial Area, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
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