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Sep 17, 2018

The hardware lock industry is increasingly focusing on building brands



Hardware locks play a major role in protecting people's daily lives, protecting property, privacy 

and security. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, 

the safety of traditional mechanical locks can no longer meet the increasing market demand. For 

different levels of safety needs, the market demand for hardware locks is now more and more 

diversified, and the requirements for the quality and technical content of locks are getting higher 

and higher. However, compared with the more mature and perfect international hardware lock 

industry, China's hardware lock enterprises are still in the low-end state.

If hardware locks are to take a high-end road, they must be both internal and external. The 

promotion of brand image and influence can provide a powerful driving force for the development 

of the company. But the driving force is also the high quality of the hardware lock products 

themselves. In the future, domestic hardware lock products will focus on high precision, high 

efficiency, high firmness, multi-function, multi-standard, multi-variety scale, serialization, 

generalization, and display its characteristics.

Conventional hardware locks have been used for a long time, and the core of the lock will naturally 

wear and tear. It is easy to be opened by a key with similar tooth shape. If the lock core is not 

replaced for a long time, there will be more serious potential safety hazards, it is very likely to occur 

a lock several doors. With the development of society and the progress of intellectualized 

technology, the safety performance and convenience of locks are increasingly demanded by 

consumers. It is imperative for hardware locks manufacturers to carry out product technology 


The hardware locks have low barriers to entry, and the industry market is mixed, small enterprises 

with small scale, lack of core competitiveness and low technical level can be seen everywhere. Most 

of these companies lack brand awareness, and there are many miscellaneous and unlicensed 

products. It is difficult to form corporate influence through brands, and it is more difficult to 

increase product added value through brands.

The main reason why China's hardware locks have been in the low-end state for a long time is the 

lack of independent research and development of products. On the one hand, the homogenization 

competition is serious. In order to win consumers' long-term focus on low-cost competition and 

low-cost competition, the hardware lock enterprises have caused many enterprises to focus only 

on the production and marketing of low-end products, while ignoring the improvement of product 

technology. And innovation. On the other hand, the awareness of patent protection of hardware 

locks is weak, and the phenomenon of technical plagiarism infringement in the industry is serious, 

which makes the technical cost invested by many enterprises not worth the loss, which has 

seriously hampered the enthusiasm of innovation in hardware lock enterprises.

Nowadays, in the new market situation, hardware companies should continue to develop new 

products and create professional brands to improve product added value and profits by improving 

management and raising awareness and means of patent protection, and develop high-end 

products to truly form high-quality and high-quality products. A good situation for the survival of 

the fittest.

With the continuous deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, high-end buildings are 

developing rapidly, and the prospects of the high-end locks market are optimistic. China's lock 

industry's investment in high-tech locks is increasing year by year, and the market demand for 

high-end locks is increasing year by year. The development of lock products must follow the 

development of the market. As long as the market has demand, lock companies must develop and 

occupy the high-end market. With the continuous deepening of China's opening up to the outside 

world and the acceleration of the development of high-end buildings, the market potential of high-

end hardware locks is huge, and a large number of high-end enterprises will inevitably emerge.

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