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Hotel Door Lock
Aug 18, 2018

Door lock classification

Our conventional mortise locks, the handle trim cover and the decorative cover of the lock cylinder, 

are often referred to as panel locks. However, when the handle and the decorative cover of the lock 

cylinder are each separated by their own decorative cover, we call it a mortise lock.

What materials are there for mortise locks?

The mortise locks we routinely use are stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper, and aluminum alloy. 

Which is better, depends on your budget, the most expensive copper, followed by stainless steel 

(stainless steel is good and bad), again zinc alloy (some zinc alloy is more expensive than stainless 

steel), and finally aluminum alloy.

What are the styles of mortise locks?

The mortise lock can be made in the same style as the ordinary one, with European, Jane, Chinese, 

and modern simplicity.

How should the mortise lock be installed?

1. Install the lock body, that is, the part that is installed inside the door. Place it inside the door and 

secure it with a Phillips screwdriver;

2. with upper and lower decorative cover. Usually, there will be plastic lining in the decorative 

cover. First fix the plastic lining in the upper and lower decorative cover with a screwdriver and 

then fix the metal cover. Insert the handle and fix the handle with a hex wrench.

3. the lock core, that is the part of the key. Insert a part of the outside into the inside, insert it 

inside and unscrew the knob to see if the square tongue can be turned out normally. If there is no 

problem, then use the lock body (that is, the exposed part of the lock body installed on the side of 

the door leaf). The lock cylinder is fixed with screws.

Maintenance of mortise lock

1. Don't twist the key key to open the door. Some time, due to the gravity of the door leaf or the 

hinge of the door, the door leaf sag, and the door lock or door opening is not smooth. At this time, 

it is often difficult to open the door and lock the door. Do not forcibly twist the key at this time, so 

as not to break the key and increase trouble.

The correct solution: you should first check the reason. If the door is sunk due to loose hinges, loosen the hinges and tighten the screws. If the door frame is deformed or its cause is unrecoverable, start with the door frame and expand the lock tongue accordingly. As a result, the door lock switch door will return to normal and stay longer.

2. do not use lubricants casually, some friends in the split lock when the hair is twisted or 

tightened, often like to drop some lubricant in the lock eye, so that the door lock can be lubricated, 

but because the oil is easy to stick Gray, in the future, it is easy to accumulate dust in the keyhole 

and form oil putty, which makes the door lock more prone to failure.

The correct solution: cut some pencil core fine or some candle fine, blow into the inside of the 

lock cylinder through the straw, and then insert the key to idle several times.

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    Address: No.1 Dongsan RD, Xinlian Industrial Area, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
    Mob: +86-13826111091
    Tel: +86-757-85619957
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