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Bedroom Door Lock
Sep 27, 2018

Indoor door lock knowledge



With the continuous development of society, people's requirements for locks are getting higher 

and higher. Nowadays, locks are very frequent in our lives. Locks are needed in many places, such 

as door locks, interior door locks, drawers. Locks, car locks, etc. When we choose, we must know 

something about the door lock. Let me introduce you to the knowledge of the interior door lock.

Lock surface treatment quality

Nowadays, most of the surface treatment of locks is electroplating, spraying and coloring. By 

treating the surface of the lock, a dense protective film is formed on the surface of the product to 

protect against corrosion and rust, and the lock is more durable. It is also a standard for measuring 

product quality. Generally, the quality of the locks is mostly electroplated. The coating is fine and 

smooth, even and moderate, and the color is bright, and there are no signs of bubbles, rust and 


Feeling the quality of the lock by hand

Under normal circumstances, if the lock is very heavy, it means that the material used for the lock 

cylinder is thicker, more wear-resistant and of better quality. If the material is thin, it is very easy to 

damage. It should be noted that the lock body of the lock can not be pointed, which will easily hurt 

people, and also pay attention to the three positions of the lock handle end, the lock tongue and 

the lock body; the lock spring has a flexible opening, high sensitivity and long service life.

Focus on lock materials

The lock material is basically divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has 

high strength, strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to change color; copper is more versatile 

and has superior mechanical properties; high quality zinc alloy is strong and wear resistant, strong 

in corrosion resistance and easy to form.

Lock implementation standard

Foreign countries are very strict with locks, so the quality of imported products will be relatively 

high. At present, some locks have used some foreign standards to revise the original GB to the 

current higher QB.

Is the lock cylinder spring sensitive?

The user can try to open the lock cylinder repeatedly to see the sensitivity of the lock spring.

Choose a regular lock manufacturer

Ensure the quality of the lock at the same time, and also ensure that it has a good after-sales 

service, even if there is a problem, you can contact the manufacturer for processing at any time.

Unlocking locks believe that there are many types of locks on the market, and their scope of use is 

also different. In our daily use, we must protect them according to the use. For example, after the 

user opens the door, the handle should be rotated, so that the lock of the door is retracted and 

combined with the door frame. When the hand is released, we must avoid the serious collision of 

the door lock, otherwise it will shorten its life.

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    Address: No.1 Dongsan RD, Xinlian Industrial Area, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
    Mob: +86-13826111091
    Tel: +86-757-85619957
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